Interdisciplinary Therapy:

At The Walnuts, we are lucky to be supported by our own in house, interdisciplinary therapy team.  The experienced team is made up of three Speech and Language Therapists, two Occupational Therapists and one Therapy Assistant.  The therapists work closely as an interdisciplinary team; setting targets, writing reports and delivering therapy collaboratively.  The team are fully integrated into the school supporting our provision at all levels and working side by side with classroom staff and parents.  

This collaborative way of working is supported by the SCERTS model (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support which has recently been introduced to the school. SCERTS is designed to help families, educators and therapists work together to address the core challenges faced by children with ASD.  It provides a framework for the range of therapy approaches used across the school.  

The therapists work with classes on a weekly basis, delivering and supporting activities as determined by student’s individual needs.  The team also provide regular training, liaison and joint working with teaching staff and parents to advise on relevant skills and provide resources where appropriate.   They work collaboratively with class teachers to set and review relevant IEP targets on a termly basis.  These targets will then be implemented by teaching staff and integrated into the student’s school day.  In addition, therapists attend annual review meetings and contribute to annual review reports.  

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