The curriculum at the Walnuts School relates to all aspects of school life and is a vehicle through which we seek to achieve the best possible progress and highest attainment for all pupils and to embrace the rich cultural diversity of our community.  

During the academic year 2013/14 we carried out a whole school curriculum review putting our pupils firmly at the centre and taking as a starting point the specific needs of children with autism or social communication difficulties.  We have developed a modified curriculum, which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated to meet the needs of our pupils, whilst having regard to the National Curriculum.  The curriculum aims to respond to pupils’ diverse learning needs and overcome potential barriers to learning and provides a natural progression from the developmental Early Years Foundation Stage, towards participation within the National Curriculum framework and beyond, with programmes designed for and implemented at an appropriate level. 

The curriculum strives to be responsive to the needs of each learner, and build on individual strengths and interests. A rolling plan is in place from Early Years to the end of Key Stage 3, which supports a balance of stimulating contexts for learning through different learning experiences, themes and subjects appropriate to the age and needs of the pupil.  In Key Stage 4 and 5 there is a greater emphasis on life skills, independence, vocational education, careers information and guidance, and work experience at an appropriate level, all aimed at preparing students for life beyond the Walnuts.

The overall aim is to prepare our children and young people for transition to adult life teaching skills within a meaningful social context and to provide opportunities for generalisation across settings.

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