Walnuts Care Ltd. (WCL) was set-up in response to parents’ requests over many years. Closely connected to The Walnuts School, a community, residential Special School in Milton Keynes for young people on the autistic spectrum, the separate, not-for-profit company was established in order to develop services that could help meet local need.

The separate activities of non-statutory support require independent operations, financial management and reporting accountabilities to those required at the school. With the support of Milton Keynes Council, WCL was formed on July 1st 2011.

WCL has the following objectives:

  • To provide high quality, out-of-school-hours opportunities for the children and young people who attend The Walnuts School and their families.
  • To provide a range of support services for families, the wider school community and for those affected by social, communication and interaction difficulties.

WCL is a company that is limited by guarantee. The company is also a registered charity.

To find out more visit walnutscare.co.uk

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